Mix For Joanna Syze

by Submerged

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jakob.klug.vr1 one thing is that everything from submerged is really solid - no exception here... the lovely thing about this in particular is that the money is helping syze with her struggles. it's really great to see how this community can interact :) actually very heartwarming.
the mix itself isn't always heartwarming, has emotional ups and downs and a lot of other variations in intensity.
and in my opinion one of the few great mixes that can stand the test of time!


Black Hoe teamed up with Submerged @ Ohm Resistance (that's the label of Joanna Syze's album 'Rodina') and Bruja to help and donate as much as we can. All income made of selling this mix on the Black Hoe Bandcamp page will be redirected to Joanna.

Tracklist for Submerged's mix:

01. Joanna Syze (with Tyhh) - Left in Dus [Ohm Resistance]
02. Peter Kurten & Savage - It’s Coming (E-Sassin Remix) [Black Hoe]
03. Joanna Syze (with COOH & Zardonic) - Abducted [Ohm Resistance]
04. Throttler - To The Void [Obliterati]
05. Throttler - Zero [Black Hoe / Evil Beats]
06. Joanna Syze (with SPKTRM) - Love Surreal [Ohm Resistance]
07. Sinecore - Utopie [Black Hoe / Evil Beats]
08. Crossbeat - Atropine [Black Hoe]
09. Terry Artovsky - Paintings [Black Hoe]
10. NMLS - Here And Now [Ohm Resistance forthcoming]
11. Joanna Syze (with The Sect) - Let It Be [Ohm Resistance]
12. Project Zenit - Again [Ohm Resistance forthcoming]
13. Project Zenit - Again (Svevo Remix) [Ohm Resistance forthcoming]
14. Project Zenit - Again (Project Zenit Rework) [Ohm Resistance forthcoming]
15. Joanna Syze (with Triangular Ascension) - Magia [Ohm Resistance]
16. Joanna Syze (with Zardonic) - Rodina [Ohm Resistance]
17. C.A.B.L.E. - One More Time [Ohm Resistance]
18. Joanna Syze (with Zardonic and Dextrems) - Soul Is Mine [Ohm Resistance]
19. Empire X - Puzzle Box (Kitech Remix) [Black Hoe]
20. Submerged featuring Alex Boniwell - A Positve Anger [Black Hoe forthcoming]
21. Submerged - I Love You But I Chose Darkness [Ohm Resistance]
22. Joanna Syze (with Tyhh) - Forgive [Ohm Resistance]

To learn more about Joanna's story we quote from her Gofund page and share a Youtube video below:

"In the summer of 2012, Ioanna was put on Xanax (a benzodiazepine) very addictive medications for what the doctor thought was an epilepsy attack. Ioanna had never had epilepsy and the diagnosis is very doubtful. She was not warned of the side-effects of the medication. Within a week she started to have seizures and numerous neurological and muscular skeletal as well as digestive problems. She had daily esophageal spasms and was unable to eat food normally so she started to lose weight. In the fall of 2012 she was placed on valium, but was prescribed the wrong doze. She nearly died. Short of 2 months free of valium in the summer of 2013, Ioanna started not to be able to eat or walk at all and was admitted to Harborview Medical Center. There, she was placed again on the same type of medications, but this time on two at the same time: Lorazepam and Clonazepam - which she is taking to this day. Raised on Eastern medicine philosophy Ioanna tried again desperately to get off the medications a few months after coming home from the hospital as she developed severe side effects. So far she has not been successful. The doctors are dismissing her appeals for help and are not admitting her in a hospital setting for re-feeding and stabilizing. The seizures have become more frequent and more severe. The esophageal spasms have confined Ioanna to a liquid diet - her calorie intake is minimal. Her muscle strength is gone and her weight is rapidly declining. Ioanna now weighs bellow 90 pounds. She is wheelchair bound and bedridden. She is experiencing constant adrenaline surges, dizziness and loss of physical sensations."


If you would like to donate directly please visit Joanna's Gofund page:

Give strength and hope to her on Facebook:

Black Hoe:


Ohm Resistance:


Visit the Ohm Resistance Bandcamp page for Joanna Syze's 'Rodina' album:

Black Hoe Recordings would like to offer 10% made of any sales (mp3's, vinyls or any other merchandise on Bandcamp) to donate as well:

Thank you!


released October 1, 2014




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